Privacy Policy

The email addresses, IP addresses, and all other identifying details for all commenters, contributors, correspondents, sources, and tipsters to River City Mud are kept strictly private. All email correspondence with the author of River City Mud is considered confidential unless the writer grants explicit and specific permission to publish it.

Anonymous comments are not allowed, but any reader is welcome to create a pseudonym in order to protect their identity. If you wish to post here, you must have a name. It doesn’t have to be your name, it just has to be a name. Once you have chosen a pseudonym, you must use the same name every time you post a comment on River City Mud.

Anyone caught abusing a pseudonym, whether by impersonating another reader or by deploying a sock puppet, will be outed. That bears repeating. If you create a pseudonym on River City Mud for the purpose of impersonating someone else or to evade responsibility for your own words, you are considered to have forfeited your right to privacy and your deception will be fully revealed. There is zero tolerance for that kind of dishonesty on this website. You have been warned.

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