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NOTE: Your first comment on River City Mud will be held for moderation. There is no need to post it twice. Once it has been approved, all of your future comments will be published immediately.

What is forbidden?

While the content of River City Mud is primarily oriented toward progressive and liberal readers, nearly anyone is welcome to post whatever they like in the comments section regardless of their political opinions or party affiliations.

There are a few exceptions to this policy, and they are listed below.

  • Anyone belonging to or claiming to represent any organization recognized as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center will be summarily banned and their comments deleted. There will be no exceptions or reprieve to this rule. You are not welcome here. Do not post anything on River City Mud because no one here wants to read what you have to say. Hell, you aren’t even allowed to read this website. Just go away.
  • Expressions of racism, sexism, antisemitism, homophobia, or any other form of hate speech will not be tolerated. Comments of this nature will be deleted and the offender will be given a warning and a temporary ban. The SCOTUS pornography principle is in effect here — you know it when you see it. Because this is a subjective assessment, you get one chance to screw up on this one, but a second incident will earn you a permanent ban.
  • Any form of spam or off-topic posting will be deleted and the offender temporarily banned. This includes “first” posts, willful trolling, or pointless repetition of internet memes. It’s not cute, it’s not cool, it’s not funny, it’s just obnoxious. Don’t do it here. If you want to advertise on River City Mud, you must pay for it.
  • Defamation, libel, violations of copyright, or other forms of illegal content will be deleted. If you want to insult someone, stick to the facts. If you want to post content belonging to someone else, keep it within the bounds of the fair use doctrine. Generally, five paragraphs is the limit for copying printed work.
  • Advocates for criminal activity will be reported to the proper law enforcement agency, and if it results in an arrest, your mugshot will be posted prominently on the front page for ridicule and the general entertainment of other readers.

What is allowed?

Pretty much anything else.

Please note that while ad hominem attacks are more or less tolerated, they are not encouraged. Furthermore, if you’re going to use the comment section of this website to launch an attack on another person, it should, at the very least, bear some loose resemblance to reality.

For example:

Barack Obama is a paid shill for the insurance industry!

While this isn’t necessarily accurate, it is a far cry from something like this:

Barack Obama is a Muslim Socialist!

… which is just stupid and will probably get deleted.

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